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Welcome to Le site de Jacky sur la Bretagne Sud



Welcom on my site.

Here for you, PENESTIN and la Mine d'Or.


I wanted this site to make you share my passion for a small corner of Southern Brittany. I named PENESTIN and more particularly, the Gold mine. It is about a superb surmounted cliff ochres beach which rougeoient the evening under the setting sun.
I at sea practise in this place of dream my passion for fishing and I will also benefit from it to make you share a few moment of this one like some technical information on this practice.
Between the Unpleasant one and the Atlantic Ocean, PENESTIN represents calms it and the serenity of charming a small city with the multiple characters which make of it a place trés required by in love ones with the sea. Not less than 20 kilometers of coasts are ready to accomodate you with for heart the classified site of the Gold mine with small cliffs ochres.
On both sides, of many small beaches and splits will bring to you calms and serenity and if you wish a little more activity and of animation, you will not fail to visit marvellous the small fishing port of Tréhiguier or all the professions of the sea cotoyent the some estivans morning.
You will also find there for small and large, of the nautical activities as the sail. Impassioned fishings will not be remains about it, because many places, kept secret by the old amateurs, still remain to be discovered. If walk does not reject you, of the paths for pedestrian excursions await you there. In love ones with the horse will be able to find also there places of accessible horsemanship in the bicycle by paths VTT.
Such days of activities deserving comfort, from many restaurants await you there.
Welcome for this voyage in Penestin.

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